About The World Prayer Foundation

We know that you believe in the power of prayer, because that is why God directed you to this site.

About the World Prayer Foundation

The World Prayer Foundation is a non-denominational, interfaith movement designed to advocate for and educate people of all faiths on the use and power of prayer and meditation. Our aim is to unite all the people of the earth to pray together for the resolution of the earth’s many problems, for its people and for all of God’s creatures.

We believe that prayer works and that the joint prayer of thousands is even more effective. We believe that every human being has an inalienable right to pray and to worship. The joint prayer of many can shake the very foundations of the Earth and accomplish the seemingly impossible. Bringing peace and love to the world, ending war, hunger and starvation and saving the environment appear to be impossible goals. However, we must remember that the same God who created our incredible universe can easily intervene in the problems of the Earth in a divine way if enough people of faith seek his intervention.

The World Prayer Foundation does not have very many religious tenants or doctrines. We seek not to convert anyone to another religion. Our mission is to unite and not to divide the people, cultures and religions of the World. We seek to practice unconditional love to those of all faiths, not judging them or their religion. By doing so, we believe that we can build bridges and tear down barriers to other cultures and religions and further our goal of having a peaceful World in which God’s love is practiced by all.

Our "doctrine" is very simple. We believe in an all powerful creator God who created and sustains life, and in whom we can directly interact with through prayer (talking to God) and meditation (listening to God). We believe that prayer works and the more that are praying on an issue, the more likely the prayer is to be granted. We believe that our God is a God of love and wishes for us to love one another unconditionally and non-judgmentally. We believe that is solely within the province of God to judge the actions of man.

Our firm belief is that no problem is too big or too small to be solved by prayer. It doesn't matter whether the prayer is for the whole world or for just one person. We know that prayer can truly work miracles. The world's problems are many and mankind has not solved them in thousands of years. It is time for thousands or millions around the World to turn to God for answers to these problems.

In fact, we believe that the Earths problems are so severe and pervasive, they are now impossible for mankind alone to solve. We believe that prayer is the only answer. Through joint prayer with many throughout the world, we offer you an opportunity to change your life and to change the world. We believe that in order to change our planet, we must each “become” the change that we seek in the world.

Our mission is to get many believers in prayer to join together and agree to take the pledge every day to pray and meditate. We want to help encourage you to pray and educate you on how powerful prayer can be. This site brings together many thousands of people who pray together for the Earth and to solve the problems presented on our Prayer Board. We ask that our visitors and our members pray for the people requesting prayer on this site, for the prayer goals listed on this site and for whatever personal prayer needs or goals that you, your friends and loved ones might have. We hope that you choose to join us and become a supporting member to help us achieve this mission which we believe God has called us to promote.

What are the Goals of the World Prayer Foundation?

The World Prayer Foundation is dedicated to achieving the following goals:

  • To encourage as many people as possible around the world to take the pledge to pray and meditate on a daily basis;
  • To promote a dialogue between the practitioners of the World’s major religions by emphasizing their common themes of those religions and not their differences;
  • By promoting such a dialogue, to build bridges of good will and understanding between people of all faiths, thereby reducing the chances of conflict and promoting a more peaceful world;
  • To make representatives of our Foundation available for speaking engagements at churches and television and radio interviews promoting our mission to people of faith around the country and later, to groups around the world;
  • To support a wide range of humanitarian causes, such as our commitment to donate a portion of our net revenues to the United Way and other worthy charities consistent with our purpose;
  • To recruit volunteers to engage in humanitarian projects to benefit their fellow man and in particular, to assist those in need in time of natural disaster and crisis
  • To set up a nation-wide (eventually a world-wide) spiritual crisis support line so that volunteers or staff of the World Prayer Foundation can discuss serious and sometimes life threatening crises with those in need by discussing their problem in terms of their spiritual dimensions and assist the individual in fashioning spiritual based solutions to their problem.
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